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01 June 2014 @ 04:24 am
[Fic] You Can Leave Your Cape On - Tony Stark x Bruce Wayne Epilogue  

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Tony's basking in the afterglow and trying to catch his breath when Bruce looks up from the path of soft kisses he's been trailing down Tony's chest to ask, "You really don't remember anything about him?"

Tony's having trouble focusing. "Who?"


"Bruce," Tony starts, and then has to break off with a soft gasp as Bruce applies his teeth to Tony's nipple, gently. He grabs Bruce's hair with both hands and tugs. Bruce sits up and kisses him once, twice, brief but demanding, muffling bits of Tony's determined response. "If you flew seven thousand miles just to ask me about another man I'm going to throw you out the window and then sic the dogs on you."

There's something in Bruce's smirk that Tony doesn't know how to interpret. "You don't have dogs."

"I'll get dogs," Tony promises in a disgruntled mutter. "Was this your whole plan? Climb in through my window and seduce me with your ability to trespass effectively so you can soften me up to interrogate me about some guy dressed in a costume I met, like, once when I was drugged to the gills?"

"It worked, didn't it?"

Bruce is so smug that Tony has no choice but to attempt to smother him with a pillow. Bruce laughs as he rolls away and hangs over the side of the bed for a minute, scrounging through their discarded clothes, saying, "I had a plan B."

He sits up and drops something into Tony's lap, two tickets, the kind that are printed on sturdy paper and elaborated with fancy scrollwork around the crisp edges. Tony picks them up and examines them. "Haly's Circus? Your backup plan was to seduce me with things that I liked when I was five? Wow, you suck at this."

"It's for charity, and they have an act that's supposed to be phenomenal. The Flying Graysons. You wanna be my date?"

The look Tony gives Bruce is probably way too fond, if the grin he receives in response is any indication. "It's probably just the endorphins talking at this point but sure." Tony shrugs. "Should be fun."