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26 November 2015 @ 11:42 am
Awwww, they won't let me have my Turkey Day Icon.  


I did a lot of the prep work yesterday, so I'm mostly finished with the candied yams and the green bean casserole.  This year, we're eating over at Megan (thechildoftime) and Molly's (minerva710) house, since they live right across the street, now, and they have an actual dining room table.

I don't have a dining room table because I'M AN ADULT AND I MAKE MY OWN CHOICES, and if I want to put my desk and computer where the table is probably supposed to go I CAN.

ANYWAY.  This year, I put myself in charge of the turkey, the yams and the green beans and I also have Brussels sprouts for roasting (LOOK HOW ADULT I AM I'M WILLINGLY EATING BRUSSEL SPROUTS), but those should be quick, so I haven't cooked them, yet.  I finished the bulk of the casseroles so that I can take them over to Megan and Molly's later and finish them over there.  ("Finishing" being mostly just putting things on top and putting them in the oven to brown a bit and warm back up.)

I woke up early to start the turkey, and it's in the oven!  This year, I'm staying true to Alton Brown's recipe, because I've tried turkey a bunch of ways, and his is, so far, the best I've had (that I can cook successfully, anyway).

Here are my recipes:

(and at the last minute I'm going to attempt this gravy.  I don't have all the ingredients--because I literally JUST DECIDED to do this, so it's not going to be exact, but I'm STILL GONNA TRY.)

Yams (This is the first time I've tried this recipe, but I tasted it last night, and it's SO GOOD.  I've never thought of sautéing the yams in butter to cook them.  It cooked fast and it looks AMAZING.  I mean, I'm using about triple the recipe and it still took less than an hour to cook everything.  I added cinnamon and nutmeg as per many of the review suggestions, and I'm finishing them off in the oven with the traditional marshmellows.  Since everything is very vague in this recipe, if you attempted it, what I did was get the pot hot on high--because I'm hella impatient--and then reduce it to medium heat so that all the sugar didn't burn.  When you first put everything in the pot, it doesn't look like there's going to be enough liquid to cook everything, but there will be, trust me!)

Green Beans (everybody listen to me. SHUSH AND LISTEN TO ME.  This is the BEST green bean casserole recipe I have EVER HAD.  I'm pretty sure you could use regular flour instead of gluten free flour and it could come out as good.  TRY THIS. SERIOUSLY.  Most of the people I eat with don't really care for green bean casserole BUT THEY LIKED THIS ONE.  It sounds complicated and it IS more work than just making it from cans, but I don't think it's that hard, really, and it's WORTH IT.)

Brussels sprouts

AAAANNND, burn number one!  It's my first year using my new oven (which is very shiny and I love it) and a meat probe, so in shuffling around the new configuration I managed to burn myself on the probe.  Ah well.  BATTLE SCARS!!

The turkey is in the second stage, and I'm going to start prepping the crispy onions.  Hope everyone else's day is going well!! <3

(also OMG LIVEJOURNAL where the HELL is your spell check??)