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24 November 2016 @ 01:03 pm
Turkey Day 2016!! Update 1  
Heeeeeey, while cleaning I found the brussel sprouts I lost last night during prep.

On the one hand, yay no brussel sprout stealing gremlins live in my house.

On the other hand, boo no brussel sprout stealing gremlins live in my house (that would've been interesting).


I haven't figured out a pattern of laying down the wet that doesn't immediately make me have to walk back over it and leav tracks.  ADULTING HOW DO.

Also, BURN #1.  So, aparently, the largest burning is a little larger than the pot I'm using to boil potatoes and WHAT THAT MEANS is that when I picked the pot up to move it to the sink, the HANDLE WAS CRAZY HOT.  *sadface*

Kelly is making her traditional apetizers of olive-and-cream-cheese mix w/celery. THANK GOD because I am starving and am going to eat it all.

The turkey has no giblets which means a) the gravy is going to be store bought and b) I don't have any bits to snack on, so the apetizers are necessary.  OKAY BACK TO WORK.